Your text is received in the format you provide: MS Office, PDF, InDesign, html, or even a photograph. Don’t worry about this. Even if you do not have the format required to translate using a Translation Memory System, imatrad will convert it for you.
imatrad will analyse your documents using a Translation Memory System in order to determine the exact number of new words, repetitions and the sentences that are repeated in your translation memory, if you have one. This means discounts of up to 70% can be obtained.
imatrad will select a translation team that is the best suited for your texts. imatrad always works with native-speaking and qualified translators who are specialists in the subject of your texts. On completion of the translation, the translator checks his or her own work.
Depending on the translation method you choose, another equally specialised translator will revise the texts. This ensures compliance with the directives established in the UNE-EN 15038 specific translation standard.
Quality Control. Whenever the chosen translation modality, format and deadline allow us to do so, a final internal quality control is carried out to check that everything is translated, there are no spelling errors and that the figures and punctuation, etc. are correct.
imatrad will convert the documents into the original format in which they were received. Depending on the method chosen, the documents will be formatted or delivered unformatted, but with a prior quality check of the final document.
Once formatted, a final quality control is carried out before the document is delivered. Additionally, imatrad likes to follow up to make sure you are happy with the end result.
Finally, your translation memory is saved and, if applicable, updated, so that it can be used for future translations. The more you translate, the cheaper it can be!... 😉